Holiday Home work for class 2 (2017-18)
Prepare a combined Holiday Homework file with separate A4 sheets for each question (subjectwise)
1. Make a beautiful picture of a clock and write your daily routine in 10 sentences .
2. Find 3 proverbs on the topic ĎTime Ď
3. Make a picture dictionary using 2 pictures for each letter (A to Z).
4. Write a recipe of any dish which you like with the help of your parents .
1. Make a beautiful calendar for the month in which your birthday comes .
2. Collect any 3 old coins which is not in use .
3. Measure the lengths of the following
a. length of a match stick
b. length of a cricket bat
c. length of your fatherís shirt
d. length of your motherís sarree
e. height of your brother / sister
f. length of your room
g. length of your Math book
4. Collect data from your relatives and friends about their favourite dish/ food and find which is the most is the most popular dish .
1. Make a collage of some animals which are endangered .
2. Paste any 5 pictures of useful animals
3. Collect the weather report of 15 days from the news paper.
 पांच पेज सुलेख करो | (अलग कॉपी पर)
 पांच खाने की वस्तुओं के चित्र बनाकर नाम लिखो | (A4 पेपर पर)
 10 विलोम शब्द, 10 वचन बदलो या 10 लिंग बदलो | (कोई एक) आधे चार्ट पेपर पर लिखे |