“Each one - Teach one”

India has a population of over a billion. Unfortunately, more than half a century after independence, we still have the dubious distinction of having the most number of illiterate people. We can hope to progress, only if we achieve 100 per cent literacy. It's with this in view that the DEEPALAYA SCHOOL KALKAJI EXTN took initiative to start a unique and classic program known as “Each One, Teach one”

We know that in such a large country, the Government alone cannot shoulder the responsibility of eradicating illiteracy. Everyone, however young, has a social responsibility to help.

History has shown time and again that individuals can bring about large scale positive change in the world by seemingly insignificant acts. Teaching illiterate adults is one such powerful act which can go a long way in removing illiteracy and solving many other problems in India.

Our students teach adults, who haven't managed to get education while fighting for their two ends meal. Each One Teach One concept is about owning up our social responsibility to share our learning with the less privileged section of our society.

 The adults are taught by students of class VII, VIII, IX and X. Each student takes responsibility to teach one adult.  Then adults are reviewed quarterly to check performance.  On the basis of their performance, respective students are evaluated.