1) Paste 2 pictures each of
    a) Parasites
    b) Autotrophs
    c) Insectivorous plants
    d) Saprotrophs
    e) Symbionts
Learn 2-3 points about them
2) Draw the following diagrams on A3 (size) sheets
    a) Human digestive system
    b) Amoeba
    c) Ruminants digestive system
    d) Life cycle of a silk moth
    e) Clinical thermometer
    f) Land breeze
    g) Sea breeze
Learn 2-4 points about the topics while drawing.


1.    Read the newspaper daily.

2.    Make a comic book with dialogues of any funny story that you have read

3.    Suggested Reading

a)    Harry Potter (any series) or

b)    Oliver Twist

c)    Adventure of Tom Sawyer

4.    Revise Noun, Pronoun and Verb from the grammar book.

5.    Read supplementary reader chapter 1-5 and mark the answers in the book.


ग्रीष्मवकाश गृहकार्य
कक्षा 7
विषय संस्कृतम्
I. पाठ 4,5,6,7,8 के कठिन शब्दो को पाठ्य पुस्तक मे रेखकित करे i
II. 5 सुलेख लिखो [ चित्र सहित ]
III. शब्द रूप = एतत् , तत् [ पुल्लिन्ग ]
IV. धातु रूप = चर् , वस् , पठ [ चारो लकार ]
V. 1 से 30 तक संस्कृत में गिनती लिखो 1
VI. पाठ 3 , 4 का अभ्यास कार्य कापी में करो 1
VII. परियोजना कार्य: 10 रन्गो व 10 जानवरो के नाम लिखो [चित्र सहित ]


 1)       do sums from R. S. Aggarwal

 (chapter 1 , chapter 21 , chapter 22 ,Chapter 23)

 2)       learn tables from 2 to 20 and write it

3 )       show your last year final marks in tabular form and draw a bar graph for the same

Note: do all this  in a separate copy

RS Aggarwal

exercise 1A: Question1 to Question16 exercise 1B :question 1to question 3, question 6 to   question 9

exercise 1C: question 1to question 3 exercise 21A: question 2 question 10 exercise 21 B :question 1, question 3, question 6

exercise 21 C: question 1, question 2 exercise 22 :question1, question 3,question 10,question16, question17,question18

exercise 23 :question 1to question 4


कक्षा सातवीं

क) पांच सुलेख चित्र सहित A4 size sheet पर लिखें|

ख) महाभारत के पाठ 6 से 20 तक पढ़े और कठिन शब्द रेखांकित करें| प्रत्येक पाठ में से एक-एक प्रश्न लिखें|

ग) कठपुतली बनाओ और शीट पर उसको बनाने की विधि लिखो|

घ) शरीर में खून की कमी होने से क्या होता है? इसे कैसे पूरा किया जा सकता है?

ड) रक्त या खून पर एक प्रोजेक्ट तैयार करें

1) कमी    2) परिणाम    3) कमी दूर     4) दुर्घटना के समय

च) क से ज्ञ तक के व्यंजनों से जुड़े वाक्य अखबार या मैगज़ीन से ढूंढकर रेखंकित करें तथा स्क्रैप बुक में चिपकाएँ|


I) Project:-
Explore about these Mughal rulers according to your roll no.
1. Babur 1-8
2. Humayun 9-16
3. Akbar 17-25
4. Jahangir 26-33
5. Shahjahan 34-40
6.Aurangazeb 41-48
Points to be mentioned are:-
a) Life Span
b) Administration
c) Religious Policy
d) Political Developments
e) Estimate of each emperor's rule
f) Campaigns and conquests etc.
II) History: Ch-4 Mughal Empire
Geography: Ch-3 Our Changing Earth
Civis: Ch-5 Women Change The World
Read the above chapters and write the answers of the extra Questions given by the teachers
Q1) Name the five dynasties that together made the Delhi Sultanate.
Q2) Who was Raziyya?
Q3) Why were the nobles unhappy with Razziya being the queen?
Q4) In which direction do the muslims face and pray during their 'namaz'?
Q5) What is birthright and gender distinctions according to the tawarikh?
Q6) What was the language of administration under the Delhi Sultans?
Q7) What does 'tarikh' or 'tawarikh' mean?
Q8) Fill in the blanks:-
a) The landholders were called as ________.
b) ______was a traveller from Morocco.
c) ______ was a Mongolian king.

Q1) Make a chart showing the evolution of land forms.
Q2) What are Lithosphere plates?
Q3) What are the three types of earthquake waves?
Q4) What are Seismograph and Richter Scale?
Q5) Name the four waterfalls and where are they situated?
Q6) Define volcano
Q7) What are earth quakes? Define focus and epicentre.
Q8) What are meanders?
Q9) Name five rivers of the world that form Delta.
Q10) Explain these :- Levees, Delta, Flood Plains, Sea Cliff.

Q1) Define Stereotype and Discrimination
Q2) Who is Lakshmi Lakra?
Q3) If you are Xavier, what subject would you choose and why?
Q4) Who was Kamabai? What was her mission? Where did she set up?
Q5) Describe Rokeya Hussain
Q6) Write a note on Rashsundari Devi.
Q7) On which day in International Women's Day celebrated?
Q8) List some women's movement.